The Modi Scupper is a versatile drain-outlet which can be used for both inside and outside drains and for horizontal drains with free waterfall. Designed for parapets with 90 degree angle, the Modi Scupper has been manufactured specifically for use with modified bitumen (App or SBS) and BUR.


  • The Modi Scupper protects your waterproofing work-water flows over the scupper keeping the flashing membrane underneath permanently dry.
  • Installs like common metal scuppers but won't rust, corrode, warp or decay.
  • Ribbed flange; membrane seals securely to the Modi Scupper.
  • One piece (no-weld) construction eliminates the possibility of leakage.
  • Lightweight and economical.
  • Modi Angle Scupper (45 degree angle) for use over cantstrip. Use in new construction whenever cantstrip is used.
  • Curve Connectors (Elbows) and Screens are included

Product Code Description
MS-45 4" x 4", for 45 degree angle
MS-90 3" x 4", for 90 degree angle