Modi 4 Smooth is a plasticized bituminous roofing membrane consisting of a compound of distilled asphalt mixed with atactic polypropylene and various petrochemicals. When the asphalt is modified in this way, it imparts flexibility to the compound. The compound is bonded around a polyester core. The distinctive characteristics of the polyester core material include high tensil strength coupled with elongation capability, toughness and excellent dimensional stability.


MODI 4 SMOOTH is an APP torch-applied modified bitumen roofing membrane reinforced with a nonwoven polyester mat ideal for both new and existing roofing.

INSTALLATION: Modi 4 Smooth is easy to install using a proper Modi-Torch and Modi-Trowel.

WARRANTY: Modi 4 Smooth carries our warranty from 10-20 years, depending upon the specification used.
Modi 4 Smooth roofing products are intended for use by professional roofers only and are not intended for use by amateurs. Use of the torch and/or hot asphalt application methods represents potential fire/burn hazards and all appropriate safety measures and cautions should be taken. It is responsibility of the applicator to exercise all necessary safety procedures.

Product Type APP Modified Bitumen
Application Method Torch
Reinforcement Nonwoven Polyester
Roll Weight (approx.) 98.2 lbs
Roll Length 10m (approx. 33')
Roll Width (approx. ± 1%) 1m (approx. 39')
Nominal Thichness (± 5%) 4.0mm (.158")
Surface Color Black
Surface Finish Smooth
Gross Area p/roll 107.6 sq.ft (approx.)
Net Coverage 95 sq.ft (approx.)
Rolls per Pallet 25
Weight per Pallet 2,500 lbs
Load Strain Properties Load (lbs/in)
Elong (%)
At 73.4° F
MD 110
CD 75
At 0° F
MD 220
CD 150
Tear Resistance (lbs) MD 105
CD 75
Moisture Content < 0.2%
Water Absortion < 0.5%
Low Temp. Flexibility 14° F
Low Temp. Flexibility (UNI-8202) 8° F
Dimensional Stability MD < 0.5%
CD < 0.2%
Heat Conditioning Physical property changes < 10% of original.
Accelerated Weathering Physical property changes < 10% of original.
Granular Embedment Not Applicable
Compound Stability No drop formation at 250° F